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Agriculture in the Yukon

Agriculture, defined for the purposes of this strategy as the science and art of farming, the work of cultivating the soil, producing food crops for human use, providing services, and raising livestock, has been a part of the Yukon landscape and Yukon society – to a greater or lesser degree – for more than a century. Since the 1995 Strategic Plan was prepared by the Yukon Agriculture Association, a number of reports having to do with Yukon agriculture have been produced. Two in particular, the Yukon Agriculture Multi-year Development Plan prepared in 2000, and the Strategic Analysis of the Yukon Agriculture Industry prepared in 2003, have done a creditable job of outlining the status of agriculture in the Yukon and where it could be heading.

The Canadian census of 2001 reported that there were 170 farms operating in the Yukon on 29,318 acres, of which 7,015 acres were in field crops. Total farm capital amounted to over $50 million, ten times as much as in 1986. The value of farm sales was nearly $4.2 million. The 2001 Census indicated a steady growth in farm acreage, farm capital and sale of agricultural products since the previous census. It will be interesting to see whether the apparent continued growth in this sector of the Yukon's economy is reflected by the Canadian census that will be conducted in 2006.

For the purposes of this Strategic Plan, the conventional and organic agriculture sector of the Yukon economy includes:

  • cereals
  • domestic livestock
  • farrier services
  • fish farming
  • forest seedlings
  • fur farming
  • game farming
  • grass sod
  • hay and forage
  • home gardening
  • honey
  • horticulture
  • landscaping
  • market gardening
  • native grass seed
  • poultry
  • small fruit
  • veterinary services
  • feed, seed, fertilizer services
  • value-added processing