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YAA's Mayo Road Land


On August 1 2012 the Yukon Agricultural Association signed a 30-year lease agreement with the Government of Yukon for a 65 hectare parcel of land on the Mayo Road (about 25 km north of Whitehorse). The photo sketch below shows the site. For background material and history, download your copy of Klassen Natural Resources Consulting's 2013 report: "Planning for the Development of the Yukon Agriculture Association Agriculture Lease" here. Since obtaining the lease, the YAA has cleared the fencelines in preparation for new fencing and installed two shipping containers to serve as a storage facility.

On September 10, 2014, URBAN Systems presented conceptual plans for consideration at a workshop held at the Hootalinqua Firehall. The site plan determines the type, location, and extent of infrastructure development that will meet the present and anticipated needs of the Association over the next 20 years. The study was comprised of three major components: firstly, a documentation of exisiting conditions on the propoerty including geotechnical issues; secondly a summary of issues identified through consultation with YAA members and other stakeholders including the Yukon Horse and Rider Association, and thirdly, the development of the conceptual site plan design. The Yukon Agricultural Association Conceptual Site Plan final report was released October 8, 2014.

Throughout 2016 YAA engaged in business planning activities for the development of the leased land. The YAA's 2017-2021 Strategic Plan recommends specific improvements to the leased land and a phased approach to land utilization. Initial developments include the clearing of land and the construction of a camp kitchen for community use, to support agricultural activities. Reviewed at YAA's 2017 AGM, the most up-to-date conceptual plan diagram can be accessed by clicking here

Location of the YAA's leased land on the west side of the North Klondike Highway opposite Policeman's Point Road.

From the Governnent of Yukon's News Release #12-140:
“The Yukon government is pleased to set aside this land for central agriculture infrastructure as part of continuing to fulfill our commitment to support the development of agriculture infrastructure that improves food security, facilitates access to market and encourages local production of food,” said Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Brad Cathers. “This lease agreement will facilitate the development of infrastructure to support continued growth of Yukon’s agriculture sector by helping industry take steps to address current needs and opportunities, as well as looking to the future by enabling long-term planning of shared infrastructure.”

Field and shipping containers on land

Shipping containers

Cleared field

Multi-Use Feasibility Studies

Three feasibility studies for a multi-use facility were prepared in 2006, in anticipation of the parcel of land.

Phase One: Opportunity Analysis

Phase Two: Detailed Facility Requirements

Phase Three: Business Feasibility Analysis