Yukon Agriculture Reports and Studies

Yukon farmers are frequently looking for information that is specific to the regional interests of the territory including cold climate crop and livestock production. To ensure that Yukon farmers have access to previously published reports, YAA has compiled a searchable database that includes a list of publications organized with the following subject categories:

agricultural events, agriculture and wildlife, agritourism, beekeeping, climate change, community agriculture/gardening, conferences and meetings, crop production, education, emergency preparedness, environmental management, farm equipment and technology, farm planning, feasibility studies, information, greenhouse/nursery production, industry reports and reviews, livestock, marketing, meat processing, mushrooms, organic certification.

Click HERE to view the database. To search the database, download the PDF document and open it in Adobe Acrobat reader.   

The database is a list of publications and includes general subject categories, titles, author(s), dates and content summary. Also included is information about where the publication is located. Original copies and some digital copies are located at the YAA office or at the Energy, Mines and Resources Library. To access a copy of a publication, please email To request a copy of a publication from the library, please click here and complete a search. Additional research reports about Yukon agriculture can be found here via Agriculture Branch's webpage. 

This project was made possible with funds from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program.