Publications and Presentations


Circumpolar Agricultural Conferences

Circumpolar agricultural conferences are held every two years. The 10th conference will take place at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland, in March 2019. For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website. If you are interested in attending the conference, please contact the YAA office for more information about the funding application process.

   Read the report here.


Animal Health Unit: Presentation at 2013 YAA AGM

The Yukon's Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Mary VanderKop and Program Veterinarian Dr Jane Harms presented information on YG's Animal Health Unit and the proposed changes/feedback process to the Yukon's Animal Health Act.  Download their presentation here.


Speaker Series: Yukon Young Farmers hosting Bryce Wrigley of the Alaska Flour Company

Bryce Wrigley from the Alaska Flour Company discussed northern agriculture, his 4 generation family farm and flour mill business, and opportunities he sees in the grain industry.  Bryce's presentation is here.  His farm and business website are here for those who are interested.


Northern Food Security: The Greenhouse Solution: Nov 7-8 2012

The International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, in collaboration with the UArctic Thematic Network on Food Security, held a workshop November 7-8 in Saskatoon entitled Improving Food Security in the North: A Workshop on Sustainable Northern Greenhouses. The speakers' PowerPoint presentations are available here under the November 2012 listing.

Stemming from this workshop, the ICNGD and University of Saskatchewan released a report December 21st called Guidelines for Establishing a Northern Greenhouse Project.  Download it here.


North of 60┬░ Agriculture Conference: Nov 3 2012

Lance Stockbrugger's "Best Management Practices: Financial Analysis" presentation

Lance Stockbrugger's "Income Tax Overview" presentation
(Lance is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years experience in public practice working directly with agriculture producers. Lance's expertise in tax and estate planning for high-net-worth agribusiness operators provides him the knowledge and experience to assist producers with succession planning, intergenerational transfers and tax reorganizations implementing partnerships, corporations and trusts. Along with his wife Marie and his brother, Lance is living his life's ambition to own and operate LD Stockbrugger Farms, a 4,000 acre cereal, oilseed and pulse farm at LeRoy, Saskatchewan.)


North of 60┬░Agricultural Conference: Nov 3 2007

Claire Desmarais's "Organic Regulations and how to become Certified Organic" presentation (amended Feb 2013)
(Claire is the Yukon's Organic Inspector)