Agricultural Employment Experiences

Job seekers/Volunteers/Interns

Are you looking for agricultural work experience on a Yukon farm or garden? YAA's Facebook page and Farm Guide can help you with your research. In addition, WWOOF Canada is also a useful resource for locating Yukon farmers who need your help. 

YAA's Facebook Page

YAA's Facebook page has a Visitor Posts section that is frequently reviewed by Yukon farmers. Anyone seeking agricultural work experience can post a message there. Be sure to include information about your availability, past work experience and contact details. Click here for the link to the Facebook page: @yukonagriculturalnews

Yukon Farm Guide

YAA hosts the Yukon Farm Products and Services Guide on this website. It lists the names and contact details of many Yukon farms. There is a search option to narrow down the type of farms that are of interest. We have recently added an INTERNSHIP search term which identifies farms that have intership programs. To find the farm guide, click here

WWOOF Canada

Over a dozen Yukon farms and gardens advertise as hosts with WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms Canada (WWOOF). Prospective WWOOFers can read about host farms advertised on the following site. The WWOOF website includes information about host farms as well as a messaging option. For more information, click here.



Disclaimer: YAA takes no responsibility for the quality of the employment, conditions or other particulars related to the situation.  It is up to the individual job seeker to negotiate suitable arrangements with the prospective host or employer.