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Links for Agricultural Funding Programs

Please follow the links below for information on funding nationally and territorially:


  • Growing Forward 2: Federal News Release
    Funding is available federally in three streams:
    1. AgriInnovation Program "...designed to accelerate the pace of innovation by supporting research and development activities in agri-innovations and facilitating the demonstration, commercialization and/or adoption of innovative products, technologies, processes, practices and services."
    2. AgriMarketing Program "Its objective is to improve the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector's competitiveness in domestic and international markets by supporting industry in gaining and maintaining access to markets and capitalizing on market opportunities."
    Activities are grouped in four streams:
    • Breaking down trade barriers;
    • Building market success;
    • Market development; and
    • Assurance systems.
      (Note: both Market Development and Assurance Systems are contribution funding streams that support industry-led projects, for which industry applications will be accepted.)
    3. AgriCompetitiveness Program "...will make directed investments that will help the sector adapt to rapidly changing and emerging global and domestic opportunities and issues, respond to market trends and enhance business and entrepreneurial capacity."
    The program is delivered in three streams:
    • Stream A: Facilitating Sector Capacity
    • Stream B: Fostering Business Development
    • Stream c: Facilitating and Supporting a Modern Regulatory Environment