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Yukon Young Farmers

Yukon Young Farmers (YYF) was founded in October 2011 as a sub-committee of the YAA to bring together all young and new farmers between the ages of 18-45. YYF is a provincial member of the national organization, Canadian Young Farmer's Forum. YYF has representatives on the Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee and the Growing Forward 2 Research Committee. Thinking about farming? Join us to learn and meet other like-minded young agriculturalists in the Yukon and around Canada!

Coming events

YYF hosts events throughout the year. Regular updates are made the the YYF Facebook page. Visit us on Facebook:

Every February Yukon Young Farmers send delegates to an annual conference hosted by the Canadian Young Farmers Forum (CYFF). It is a national conference that is attended by young farmers from across Canada. Conference agendas usually include roundtable discussions about important agricultural issues as well as reports by young farmers who are making a difference to Canadian agriculture.  Please contact the YAA office if you would like more information. 


The most recent YYF AGM was held on JANUARY 28, 2017.  The executive meets every third Friday of the month. Please contact the YAA office if you would like to participate in any of the meetings.

The current executive members are:              President: Mike Henderson

                                                                        Treasurer: Leona Dargis

                                                                        Director-at-Large: Stephanie Bourret 

Strategic Plan 

The Executive continues to work on initiatives and events guided by YYF's Strategic Plan that was developed in 2015. 

View the plan and supporting notes.


The Yukon Young Farmers would like to thank funders who make activities possible: the Canadian Young Farmers' Forum, Growing Forward 2 (a federal-provincial-territorial initiative). Continuing support from the YAA and the staff at Yukon Government's Agriculture Branch is also appreciated.



To Represent, Support and Educate Yukon Young Farmers.