YAA’s Early History

The Yukon Agricultural Association evolved from the Yukon Livestock and Agriculture Association which was initially formed in 1972 and then formally established in 1974. Since then, the Association has represented the agriculture industry in dealings with governments and other organizations. For 45 years, YAA has provided cross-commodity support for the development of the agriculture sector in the Yukon. The Association reorganized and adopted a new constitution in 1997. Its core objectives remain the following:

  1. To foster and promote the livestock and agriculture industry in Yukon and elsewhere;
  2. To cooperate with governmental authorities and other interested groups to develop and advance a suitable policy for livestock and agricultural industry and communications relating thereto;
  3. To collect and study legislation pertaining to livestock and agricultural industry in Yukon or elsewhere in order to develop and update regulations which will meet the requirements and needs of the industry;
  4. To act as a medium for the expression of views of its members affecting the interest of those engaged in the livestock and agriculture industry, and to distribute to its members and the public accurate and reliable information on matters of livestock and agriculture;
  5. To enter into affiliation or reciprocal arrangements with other organizations in Yukon or elsewhere;
  6. To mutually discuss problems related to livestock and agriculture;
  7. To purchase, take or lease or exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property and any rights or privileges and to engage in any activity necessary or ancillary to carrying out the objects or purpose of the society.

YAA’s Founding LeadersĀ 

YAA would like to thank the many people who have helped lead this organization.