Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To foster and promote sustainable Yukon agriculture for the benefit of both private and commercial producers and consumers through education, infrastructure development, and liaison with government agencies and with non-government organizations.

In order to achieve its mission, the Yukon Agriculture Association will:

  • promote agriculture as an industry that is sustainable and essential to the economic and social well-being of the Territory;
  • determine the collective impact of agricultural issues on its industry and develop unified positions to address them;
  • maintain a communication program to inform Association members, agricultural producers, and the Yukon public on agricultural issues;
  • encourage inclusion of Yukon agriculture in the education curriculum;
  • be guided in what it does by its membership through effective organizational structure and communication;
  • help build industry infrastructure that meets the goals and aspirations of its members;
  • work to influence government activities to achieve the requirements of a healthy industry;
  • maintain an effective involvement with government agencies, both territorial and federal, which affect agriculture;
  • require accountability on the part of government(s) and their agencies;
  • expand the membership;
  • foster the involvement of Yukon First Nations in agriculture; and,
  • foster the involvement of industries related to agriculture in agriculture issues.


Our vision is to help Yukon producers develop a way of life and an industry that provides the Yukon’s needs for those agricultural goods and services that can be produced in the Territory.

The Association’s vision for agriculture incorporates the following ideals:

  • a self-sustaining industry — economically, socially, and environmentally;
  • an industry that is part of, and an asset to, the social fabric of the Yukon;
  • a commercially competitive industry;
  • a commercially viable industry based on private ownership and management of farm holdings;
  • an industry with an infrastructure capable of accessing and incorporating practices and technology appropriate to the Yukon situation;
  • an industry viewed with respect by the general public, other industries, and the government; and,
  • an industry in which future generations can participate.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • to foster and promote Yukon agriculture;
  • to encourage research and development pertaining to agriculture;
  • to support suitable Yukon agriculture policies;
  • to help develop legislation and regulations which meet the needs of the industry;
  • to lobby for the industry; and,
  • to provide agricultural information to both Association members and the Yukon public