Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee

The Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee meets two to five times a year. The director of Agriculture Branch chairs the meetings. Agendas are developed in collaboration with industry. YAA has two representatives on this committee. YYF has one representative. This committee is a key voice for Yukon’s agriculture industry. YAA’s board of directors frequently recommends that issues are included on AIAC’s agendas for review and discussion.


  • provides advice to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources on the implementation of national agriculture policy agreements and agriculture programs to be delivered in Yukon;
  • provides advice to the Yukon government on the development and management of the agriculture and agri-food industry in Yukon;
  • provides advice on agriculture matters as may be requested by the Minister from time to time; and
  • may make recommendations directly to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, if desired by the Committee.

Current YAA representatives:
Dev Hurlburt – 2020-2023
Mario Ley – 2019-2022

Current YYF representative:
Leona Watson – 2019-2022