Non-Soil Horticulture Committee

The non-soil “ponics” (hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics) are active components of food production across Canada.

The Non-Soil Horticulture Committee is a new group within YAA with the mandate to:

  • Advocate, inform, and support considerations and expansion of non-soils agriculture within Yukon’s agriculture and food industry
  • Serve as a forum for the interested community of practise to share information, successes, and challenges
  • Facilitate cooperation, projects, special initiatives, and other related commitments

The scope of interests of the committee include but are not limited to consideration of:

  • Non-traditional sectors (e.g. tourism);
  • Technology, research, and development
  • Economic context and feasibility
  • Industry financial self-sufficiency
  • Operational security & bio-security
  • Modern feed stock management
  • Barriers and challenges to sector growth
  • Advocacy (e.g. organic certification potential)
  • Education and awareness

 For more information, contact Committee Chair: Carl Burgess, CEO, ColdAcre Food Systems,