Agricultural Fairgrounds

YAA continues to develop the Yukon Agricultural Fairgrounds, following its 2020 conceptual plan. In 2020, bleachers and a perimeter pathway were added to the livestock arena.  A community use building was constructed near public and trailer parking lots. In 2021, highway signs will be installed at Km 206 on the North Klondike Highway. YAA is proud to be developing the Fairgrounds as an important meeting place for Yukon’s agricultural groups, as well as a special event location where the public can celebrate Yukon’s farming community.  

History: In the summer of 2019, YAA developed a livestock arena as the first step in the construction of a community fairgrounds facility. The project included the delivery of lots and lots of top quality sand (excellent footing), fencing for the arena, and space for parking. YAA hosts its annual Yukon Farm Fair on this site. Work on the land continues with the clearing of pathways, additional road preparation.  

September 2019

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