Bon Ton Butcherie & Charcuterie

We offer butchering services and we have the only hanging cooler in Dawson, we support farm gate sales. We purchase from Yukon farms locally grown meats and produce and retail these items in our community. We process meats to retail fresh cuts, sausages, bacons, hams...

Yukon Born and Raised Meats

Yukon Born and Raised provides free-range and ethically raised meat products from local Yukon farms. We hand-pick our farm partners and work closely with them to provide premium meat and meat products that are completely local. We purchase animals on the hoove,...

Mammoth Agency

Mammoth is a holistic business, marketing, and creative agency. With experience in the Yukon agriculture and food industry, we help you grow your business.

Yukon Raw Honey

Yukon Raw Honey provides pollination services to Yukon farms and sells Yukon raw honey at farm gate.

Yukon Meat & Sausage

We custom cut, wrap, and freeze all your beef, pork, and lamb needs. We also cure and smoke hams and bacon, and make sausages using family recipes that have been passed down generations.