Tagish Community Market Society

The goals of the Tagish Community Market Society are to promote locally crafted and produced products, to increase local food security, to facilitate educational workshops and to promote health and well-being through community-based agriculture.

Stacey’s Butcher Block

Stacey’s Butcher Block provides cutting and processing of domestic and wild meat in addition to custom meat smoking at their retail store in Whitehorse. Wholesale also available.

Shady Pines Farms

Shady Pines Farms is a farm-in-progress that offers a range of custom transportation services to the agriculture industry such as the hauling of livestock, feed/supplies, and equipment.

Sage North Seeds

We are a Marsh Lake based Yukon Seed Company. We sell native, acclimatized, heirloom, vegetable, flower, herb, and shrub seeds. We follow organic practises and are always interested in trading or buying different seeds. Available at Fireweed Community Market Yukon...

Potluck Food Club

Potluck Food Club is a buying club with monthly orders distributed at the Northlight Innovation building in Whitehorse, on the last Friday of each month. We source as much as possible locally. During the summer growing season, we operate the Potluck Online Farmers...