Yukon Valley Farm

Yukon Valley Farm specializes in growing and selling protein-based food for poultry and livestock. The products are made with locally grown wheat, barley, oats and peas and are prepared and mixed on the farm. Round bales of green feed are also available for...

Yukon Grain Farm

Yukon Grain Farm grows oats and barley. The grain is processed into prepared feed for cattle, hogs, chickens and horses. Potatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage are also grown on the farm and sold to local grocery stores. Haskaps and black currants are also available,...

Yukon Gardens

Yukon Gardens is the oldest and largest garden centre in the Yukon. The family run tree farm and show garden consists of 5 acres plus 5 acres of greenhouses. Yukon Garden sells greenhouse vegetables in local retailers.

Yukon Berry Farms

Yukon Berry Farms has 40 acres of haskaps planted at two farms located just north of Whitehorse. YBF has haskap plants for sale and can consult with anyone interested in starting their own orchard.