Yukon Berry Farms

Yukon Berry Farms has 40 acres of haskaps planted at two farms located just north of Whitehorse. YBF has haskap plants for sale and can consult with anyone interested in starting their own orchard.

Wheaton River Gardens

Although not certified, Shiela has over 30 years of organic growing and soil building invested in this small holding, striving to have healthy, happy animals (Icelandic sheep, Friesian sheep, chickens, geese, horses, llamas) and clean, sustainable soil for vegetables...

River and Roots Farm

In the spring, River and Roots Farm produces a large selection of flower, vegetable, and herb bedding plants, plus hanging baskets and bags of blooms. A wide variety of vegetables are grown in the summer without the use of sprays. Products are available at the farm...

Unsere Kleine Kaiser Farm

Unsere Kleine Kaiser Farm is a small family operation. They sell their surplus eggs, meat chickens, turkeys and rabbits along with vegetables from their large garden.

Tundrarose Garden

Grow and produce mammoth raspberry, haskap, Saskatoon, and black currant berries and bushes.