We’ve Been busy!

YAA is always very active on behalf of Yukon farmers

Listed below are some key initiatives, events and projects that we worked on in 2019:


  • Arena development on YAA Land in time for the first Yukon Farm Fair (July 2019)
  • Site location of 4H Yukon Gymkhana event held in September 2019
  • Decommissioning of the Storage Bin Program


  • Development of new logo, new website, new print materials and the planning of an updated membership framework through a project funded by the Community Development Fund
  • Commissioned a report “Economic Impact of Large Animal Livestock Production in the Yukon” in collaboration with Yukon Game Growers Association

Agriculture Policy

  • YAA representatives to the attended Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee meetings to provide input to creation and updating of Yukon Agriculture Policy

Domestic Farm Animals-Wildlife Interface

  • Formation of the Sheep and Goat Farmers Forum in response to the 2020 Control Order 
  • Request by YAA to Ministers of EMR and Environment to re-open the Elk Management Plan in response to elk-agriculture conflict
  • Collaboration with Agriculture Branch and the Hog Association to develop regulations surrounding the handling and fencing of wild boar livestock

Networking and Community

  • TIA Yukon – co-hosting of Meet Your Maker
  • YAA became a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  • Communications with Canadian Sheep Federation 
  • Klondike Farmers Forum work on infrastructure, shared storage projects and local marketing opportunities
  • Formation of Livestock Grazers Committee
  • Formation of Non-Soil Based Horticulture Committee 
  • Sponsorship Framework for YYF events 

Seasonal Programming

  • Fall Round Up and AGM
  • Winter Gathering – Meet Your Maker
  • Spring Soil Science Workshop
  • Summer Yukon Farm Fair