We’ve Been busy!

YAA is always very active on behalf of Yukon farmers

Listed below are some key initiatives, events and projects that we worked on in 2020. Additional information about all that YAA has accomplished on behalf of the sector can be found in YAA’s 2020 AGM materials


  • Constructed bleachers for the fairground arena as well as a community use building to be used for agricultural events and meetings
  • Streamlined the equipment rental booking by implementing a new online booking system

Government Relations

  • Contributed to the completion of Yukon Agriculture Policy through the Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee
  • Tracked the implementation of the Sheep/Goat Control Order 
  • Attended meetings with senior government leaders advocating for essential improvements to the Elk-Ag Conflict Hunt
  • Completed an ATIPP for detailed information about the 2020 Elk Population Census
  • Collaborated with Agriculture Branch and the Yukon Hog Producers Association to develop regulations surrounding the handling and fencing of Eurasian Pigs
  • Questioned Environment Department about how the Yukon Wetland Policy will impact the development of private property
  • Requested and obtained clarity about the federal and territorial fuel tax exemptions for farms 

Communication and Community

  • Supported Wayne Grove’s defence of “hunting elk without a permit” charges
  • Provided members and key stakeholders with letters of support, reference and shared interest
  • Sent out monthly e-newsletters and other news (65 emails!) to Yukon farmers with news and updates about Yukon agriculture
  • Published 120 posts about Yukon agriculture news on YAA’s Facebook page
  • Circulated information about the impacts of COVID-19 as part of YAA’s membership of Canadian Federation of Agriculture
  • Communications with Canadian Sheep Federation and the Alaska Farm Bureau
  • Klondike Farmers Forum was awarded money from the Community Development Fund and the City of Dawson for a Klondike Meat Production Infrastructure Project – to be completed by May 2021
  • Worked with the Energy, Mines and Resources Library to review publications stored in YAA the office library, relocated them to the EMR Library to increase accessibility, updated YAA’s online resources search database

Seasonal Programs and Events

  • Winter Gathering – Meet Your Maker in January 2020 and February 2020 with funding from CanNor and co-hosted with Tourism Industry Association
  • Spring Baler Mechanics and Repairs Workshop – Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 but funding, registration list and event details are in place so the event will go ahead when travel restrictions lift
  • Summer Yukon Farm Fair – Postponed until summer of 2021 but planning is underway for livestock exhibitions, a horticulture show, food fair, equipment demonstrations, farmers’ market
  • Fall Round-up – Hosted an online and in-person 2020 annual general meeting and participated in the North of 60 Agriculture Conference