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Working Together to Grow Yukon’s Agriculture Industry.

SPRING Workshop

Yukon Young Farmers, YAA’s events committee, host an annual workshop every spring. Topics are relevant for farmers who are preparing for the upcoming growing season. The presentation approach is facilitative and all attendees are asked to contribute details about their experiences and expertise. 

SUMMER Yukon Farm Fair

Join us for a summer celebration of Yukon farming and local food production. The event showcases farm equipment, a livestock show, kids races and activities, a competitive horticultural exhibition (Bench Show), food trucks, and a farmers’ market. The Farm Fair takes place at YAA’s Yukon Agricultural Fairgrounds – Km 205.9 on the west side of the North Klondike Highway, between Burma Rd and Policeman’s Point Rd. 

FALL Round-up

YAA’s Fall Round-up is held in early November, the same weekend as the Government of Yukon’s annual North of 60 Agriculture Conference. Events include an annual general meeting and a Friday night round-up of friends and colleagues in the industry. Conference workshops and presentations take place over the weekend. Don’t miss the North of 60 Banquet on Saturday night! 

WINTER Gathering

Our winter gathering coincides with Meet Your Maker, an event mixer and trade show for Yukon food buyers and food producers. It is THE place to meet, negotiate and make deals for the upcoming growing season. YAA co-hosts the event with the Tourism Industry Association Yukon. Yukon farmers present product samples, brochures and business information. Chefs highlight recipes and menus that include local Yukon products. All foodie entrepreneurs are welcome!


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