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North of 60 Event

North of registration pdf.

The North of 60 Reception, Conference, and Banquet is hosted this February 9th & 10th, 2024 by the Yukon Agriculture Association! Please click on the pdf. link to receive more details on the event.

Travel Incentive for 2024 North of 60
Travel Incentive Opportunity for North of 60 Conference and Banquet

Please click on the pdf. link above for more information.


Minister Pillai (responsible for agriculture), representatives from Wildlife Branch, and the acting director of agriculture joined the board meeting to review new updates about the management of elk herds in the territory, especially those in the Takhini Valley The...


Welcome Cathy Stannard! Cathy was elected to the board at the November 2020 AGM. She starts a two-year term. YAA has been working with consultant Wendy Morrison of YZED Projects to prepare for YAA's new Transfer Payment Agreement. Thank you to NGO Training Fund and...

Note from Ag Branch: Procurement Standing Offer Agreements

Dear Yukon Food Producers, The Government of Yukon has recently put out an invitational tender to retail and wholesale grocery suppliers for bids on a 3-5 year Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) for the supply and delivery of Yukon food and food products to the Yukon...

Fuel Tax Exemptions for Yukon Farmers

At YAA's request, Agriculture Branch and Finance Department have compiled an information sheet about two fuel tax exemptionsavailable to Yukon farmers - one is territorial and one is federal. The info sheet includes links to application forms for the Fuel Tax...


YAA held its 2020 Annual General Meeting on Friday, November 6th All materials associated with the AGM are posted in the ABOUT (Governance and AGMs) section of this website, including: draft minutes: AGM reports, materials and presentations; resolution to amend the...


Meetings always start with conflict of interest statements, approval of agendas and minutes. The board approved that two old laptops would be given away to a needy farm family. Please send a note to the office about how your children could use the computer for online...


The YAA Board did not meet in July. In August, there was an informal evening gathering out at the fairgrounds. Thank you to Yukon's NGO Training Fund for their generous funding of a project related to budgeting and human resource planning. Thank you to Mammoth Agency...


September 8 - Call for Nominations. This year the president, the secretary-treasurer and three director positions are open for nominations. October 7 - Deadline for Nominations. Nominees who would like to stand for election for one of these positions must have...


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