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Welcome to the Yukon Farm Guide! It is a tool to help you find a local farm, farm products and services*. Scan the list below. Check the boxes beside the relevant items and communities. Scroll down to view the SEARCH RESULTS. Click the name of the farm or business for more info. Try it! 

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37 Mile Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-332-6506 (Please call to book an appointment)

Email: 37mileranch@gmail.com

5 Star Aquaponics

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Email: 5staraquaponics@gmail.com

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Website: http://www.agr.gc.ca

Address: 300 Main Street, Room 320, Box 2703, K-320A
Whitehorse, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-334-1096

Email: anne.savoie3@agr.gc.ca

Agriculture Branch

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Website: http://www.emr.gov.yk.ca/agriculture

Address: Room 320 Elijah Smith Building 300 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 1-800-661-0408 (Toll free ext. 5838 ) / 867-667-5838

Email: agriculture@gov.yk.ca

Alpine Bakery

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: https://alpinebakery.ca

Address: 411 Alexander Street
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2L8

Phone: 867-668-6871

Email: info@alpinebakery.ca

Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre Ltd

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 107 Copper Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z7

Phone: 867-633-5700

Email: clinic@alpinevet.ca

Anarchy Farms

Marsh Lake ▪ Farm

Address: Km 1360 Alaska Highway
Marsh Lake, YT, Y0B 1Y2

Phone: 867-660-4308 / 867-336-0813

Email: anarchymarshlake@gmail.com

Animal Health Unit-Yukon Government

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Address: 10 Burns Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 4Y9

Phone: 867-667-5600 / 1-800-661-0408 ext 5600

Email: animalhealth@gov.yk.ca

Aurora Mountain Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.auroramountain.yukonfood.com

Address: Lot 1335 Takhini River Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 7A2

Phone: 867-393-4628

Email: auroramountain@gmail.com

Aurora Wild Mountain Berries

Dawson City, Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-393-1992 / 1-780-800-0450 ( sat phone )

Email: fossilpoint@northwestel.net

Birch Hill Forest Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.yukonbirch.ca

Address: McQuesten River, Yukon

Email: uncleberwyn@yukonbirch.ca

Bon Ton Butcherie & Charcuterie

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Address: BonTon Workshop, 842 2nd Ave (alley access only), Dawson City

Phone: 250-467-9202

Email: Bontondawson@gmail.com

Bonanza Market

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Address: 2nd Avenue and Princess Street
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-6567

Email: bonanzamarket@gmail.com

C & D Feeds

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 131 Copper Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z7

Phone: 867-633-4620

Can Do Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-2218

Email: candofarm@outlook.com

Castle Mountain Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-8416

Email: castlemountainfarm@gmail.com

Circle D Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.circledranchyukon.com

Address: Km 1459.5 Alaska Hwy
Ibex Valley, YT

Phone: 867-668-1045

Email: strangerintheland@hotmail.com

Cliffside Country Store and Greenhouse

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: https://thegreenhouse.yk.net/wp/

Address: 7 Roundel Rd
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-667-6201

Email: fay@thegreenhouse.yk.net

ColdAcre Food Systems

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: https://www.coldacre.ca

Address: 114 Titanium Way, Whitehorse, Y1A0E8

Email: info@ColdAcre.ca

Colray Acres Farm


Website: http://www.colrayweimaraners.com/

Address: Lot 22 Mendenhall subdivision, Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-668-6618 867-333-2314

Email: colrayacres@gmail.com


* Disclaimer: This Farm Products and Services Guide is an online search directory. The businesses and organizations listed in the guide have not been vetted by YAA. Information about suppliers is provided for search purposes only and should not be considered a referral or endorsement by YAA. YAA assumes no responsibility for the products or services provided by the suppliers. The information in this guide is subject to change.