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37 Mile Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-332-6506 (Please call to book an appointment)

Email: 37mileranch@gmail.com

5 Star Aquaponics

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Email: 5staraquaponics@gmail.com

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Website: http://www.agr.gc.ca

Address: 300 Main Street, Room 320, Box 2703, K-320A
Whitehorse, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-334-1096

Email: anne.savoie3@agr.gc.ca

Agriculture Branch

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Website: http://www.emr.gov.yk.ca/agriculture

Address: Room 320 Elijah Smith Building 300 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 1-800-661-0408 (Toll free ext. 5838 ) / 867-667-5838

Email: agriculture@gov.yk.ca

Alpine Bakery

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: https://alpinebakery.ca

Address: 411 Alexander Street
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2L8

Phone: 867-668-6871

Email: info@alpinebakery.ca

Alpine Veterinary Medical Centre Ltd

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 107 Copper Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z7

Phone: 867-633-5700

Email: clinic@alpinevet.ca

Anarchy Farms

Marsh Lake ▪ Farm

Address: Km 1360 Alaska Highway
Marsh Lake, YT, Y0B 1Y2

Phone: 867-660-4308 / 867-336-0813

Email: anarchymarshlake@gmail.com

Animal Health Unit-Yukon Government

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Address: 10 Burns Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 4Y9

Phone: 867-667-5600 / 1-800-661-0408 ext 5600

Email: animalhealth@gov.yk.ca

Aurora Mountain Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.auroramountain.yukonfood.com

Address: Lot 1335 Takhini River Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 7A2

Phone: 867-393-4628

Email: auroramountain@gmail.com

Aurora Wild Mountain Berries

Dawson City, Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-393-1992 / 1-780-800-0450 ( sat phone )

Email: fossilpoint@northwestel.net

Birch Hill Forest Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.yukonbirch.ca

Address: McQuesten River, Yukon

Email: uncleberwyn@yukonbirch.ca

Bon Ton Butcherie & Charcuterie

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Address: BonTon Workshop, 842 2nd Ave (alley access only), Dawson City

Phone: 250-467-9202

Email: Bontondawson@gmail.com

Bonanza Market

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Address: 2nd Avenue and Princess Street
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-6567

Email: bonanzamarket@gmail.com

C & D Feeds

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 131 Copper Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z7

Phone: 867-633-4620

Can Do Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-2218

Email: candofarm@outlook.com

Castle Mountain Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-8416

Email: castlemountainfarm@gmail.com

Circle D Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.circledranchyukon.com

Address: Km 1459.5 Alaska Hwy
Ibex Valley, YT

Phone: 867-668-1045

Email: strangerintheland@hotmail.com

Cliffside Country Store and Greenhouse

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: https://thegreenhouse.yk.net/wp/

Address: 7 Roundel Rd
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-667-6201

Email: fay@thegreenhouse.yk.net

ColdAcre Food Systems

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: https://www.coldacre.ca

Address: 114 Titanium Way, Whitehorse, Y1A0E8

Email: info@ColdAcre.ca

Colray Acres Farm


Website: http://www.colrayweimaraners.com/

Address: Lot 22 Mendenhall subdivision, Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-668-6618 867-333-2314

Email: colrayacres@gmail.com

Copper Road Veterinary Clinic Ltd

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 128-B Copper Road
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z6

Phone: 867-633-5184

Email: copperroadvets@yahoo.ca

Crowe Mackay LLP

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.crowemackay.ca/

Phone: 867-667-7651

Email: whi.reception@crowemackay.ca

D Bar Diamond Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Km 204 North Klondike Hwy
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-633-3343 / 867-335-6260

däna Näye Ventures

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.dananaye.yk.net

Address: 409 Black Street
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2N2

Phone: 867-668-6925 / 1-800-661-0448

Email: dnv@dananaye.com

Dawson City Community Garden

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Address: 3rd Avenue b/w Duke & Albert Street
Dawson City, YT, Y0B 1G0

Phone: 867-993-7400 ( ext. 299 )

Email: communitygardendc@gmail.com

Dawson Farmers’ Market

Dawson City ▪ Business/Service

Phone: 604-845-4282

Email: dcfmsociety@gmail.com

Dezadeash Lake Hay Ranch Ltd

Haines Junction ▪ Farm

Address: Dezadeash Lake

Phone: 867-634-2666

Email: moe484@gmail.com

Diamond C Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-3012

Email: dvcoates@northwestel.net

Downtown Urban Gardeners Society (DUGS)

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.dugsyukon.blogspot.ca

Address: Corner of 7th Avenue and Ray Street
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-633-4379

Email: dugsyukon@gmail.com

Dusty Trail Yukon

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Policeman's Point Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-335-8556

Email: dtrailfarms@gmail.com

EarthShare Solutions

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.earthsharesolutions.ca

Address: Lot 1015-1 10 Mile Road
YT, Y1A 6N9

Phone: 867-633-5202

Email: sgibson@earthsharesolutions.ca

Echo Mountain Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Email: loralee.johnstone@gmail.com

El Dorado Game Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-393-1942

Email: eldorado@northwestel.net

Emergency Management Unit

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Phone: 867-335-0434

Emu Creek Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: 15 miles down river
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-5942

Email: dianamccready@gmail.com

Equine Association of Yukon

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://equineyukon.weebly.com

Email: equineyukon@gmail.com

Far Side Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Livingstone Trail

Phone: 867-668-6838

Email: laberge@northwestel.net

Farm Credit Canada

▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.fcc.ca

Phone: 1-888-332-3301 ( General Customer Service line ) / 1-780-349-3202 ( Westlock FCC Office )

Email: csc@fcc-fac.ca

Fireweed Community Market Society

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.fireweedmarket.ca

Address: 220- 2237 2nd Avenue
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 0K7

Phone: 867-333-2255

Email: info@fireweedmarket.ca

Flat Creek Farms

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Flatcreekfarms/

Address: 19 Macpherson Rd
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 5S3

Phone: 867-333-0005

Fox Ridge Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: 1 Three Mile Road (off Takhini Hotsprings Road)

Phone: 867-334-4473

Email: foxridgefarm@northwestel.net

Freedom Trails Therapeutic Riding Association

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Phone: 867-633-5911

Email: ftrails95@gmail.com

Grizzly Pigs Farm (Premise ID YK0000864)

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Red Barn, 1755 North Klondike Highway
Grizzly Valley, YT

Phone: 867-334-4855

Email: grizzlysnowpigs@gmail.com

Growers of Organic Food Yukon

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.organic.yukonfood.com

Phone: 867-335-4323

Email: goofy@yukonfood.com

Hammerstone Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-993-3914

Email: joe_cooke@hotmail.com

Heart Bar Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.heartbarranch.ca

Address: Ibex Valley

Phone: 867-393-1955

Email: heartbarranch@yahoo.com

Horse Haven Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.horsehavenranch.ca/

Address: Km 1457 Alaska Highway

Phone: 867-335-5192 ( cell ) / 867-668-7230 ( fax ) / 867-668-7218 ( home )

Email: dev@hurlburt.ca

Hurlburt Enterprises Inc.

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.hurlburt.ca

Address: 11 Burns Rd
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-633-5192 / 867-633-6222 ( fax )

Email: sales@hurlburt.ca

Ibex Valley Greenhouse

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.ibexvalleygreenhouse.net

Address: Alaska Hwy

Phone: 867-633-4415 / 867-667-7119

Email: ibexyt@northwestel.net

Icy Waters Ltd

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.icywaters.com

Address: Fish Lake Rd Km 4.2
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-668-7012 (ext. 24 )

Email: medwards@icywaters.com

Klondike Valley Creamery

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Rock Creek
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-3690

Email: kvcreamery@gmail.com

Klondike Valley Nursery

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.klondikevalley.com

Address: Rock Creek

Phone: 867-334-4761

Email: klondikeapples@gmail.com

Kokopellie Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Sunnydale
near Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-3515

Email: kokopellie13@icloud.com

Lastraw Ranch

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Phone: 1-867-993-2963

Email: megan@lastraw.ca

LeBarge Ranch Ltd.

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-668-6742

Email: lenkarla@northwestel.net

LendrumRoss Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Km 222, North Klondike Hwy

Phone: 867-633-4201

Email: lendrumross@northwestel.net

Little Fox Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Km 235 N. Klondike Hwy
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-667-4858

Email: little.fox.farm.yukon@gmail.com

Little Salmon Carmacks Greenhouse and Garden

Carmacks ▪ Business/Service

Address: Little Salmon Carmacks
Carmacks, YT

Phone: 867-335-5120

Email: aliceboland61@gmail.com

M’Clintock Valley Farm

Marsh Lake ▪ Farm

Address: Marsh Lake

Phone: 867-334-4550

Email: jjj@northwestel.net

Mammoth Agency

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.mammothagency.ca/

Phone: 867-333-1056

Email: matt@mammothagency.ca

Mandalay Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: 1135-2 Burma Road

Phone: 867-668-7855

Mervyn’s Yukon Ranching

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Burma Road

Phone: 867-633-6188

Email: tim@yukonsheep.com

Midnight Sun Ranching

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-633-2885

Email: midnightsunoutfitting@gmail.com

Narrow Gate Herbs/Full Circle Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-993-5665

Email: yukoner.hastings@gmail.com

Nielsen Farms

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Burma Road

Phone: 867-668-7104

Email: yukonfarm@gmail.com

Northern Blue Bird Farm

Mayo ▪ Farm

Address: Lot 1061 Silver Trail Hwy, Km 63
Mayo, YT

Phone: 867-333-0160

Email: nbbfarm@gmail.com

Northern Spirit Alpaca Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Old Alaska Highway
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-334-1585

Email: sharoneulrich@gmail.com

O.K. Manure Company

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Email: okmanureco@gmail.com

Pelly River Ranch

Pelly Crossing ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-334-3113

Email: prrdale@hotmail.com

Peter Dunbar

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-993-3591

Email: mpd1014@hotmail.com

Pond Creek Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Lot 35
Mendenhall, YT

Phone: 867-336-2492

Email: Alex2yukon@gmail.com

Potluck Food Club

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: https://potluckcoop.com/

Address: Northlight Innovation
2180 2nd Avenue
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 5N6

Phone: 867-336-4663

Email: info@potluckcoop.ca

Rafter ‘A’ Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Km 1456 Alaska Highway

Phone: 867-334-3378 / 867-333-0018

Email: tracyandrew15@gmail.com

Rafter G Farm

Haines Junction

Phone: 867-332-2006

Email: tjandheather18@gmail.com

Redpoll Farms

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-334-6433

Email: redpollfarms@hotmail.com

Reynolds Outfitting

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Dempster Highway
Dawson City

Phone: 867-993-5946

Email: dreynolds@yknet.ca

River and Roots Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Henderson Corner, Dawson City
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-5986

Email: riverandrootsfarm@gmail.com

Sage North Seeds

Marsh Lake ▪ Business/Service

Address: Km 1360 Alaska Hwy
Marsh Lake, YT

Phone: 867-336-0813

Email: sagenorthseeds@gmail.com

Sandra Clennet

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867-456-4729

Sarah’s Harvest

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: KM 222 North Klondike Highway

Email: sarahsharvest.yt@gmail.com

Shady Pines Farms

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Phone: 867-336-3969

Email: shadypinesfarms@gmail.com

Silver Line Farm

Watson Lake

Email: eoin@silverlinefarm.ca

Sister Island

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Sister Island
Dawson City, YT

Phone: 867-993-3692

Email: corvidlarus@googlemail.com

Sow’s Ear Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: 1777 North Klondike Highway

Phone: 867-334-3703

Email: sowsearfarmyt@gmail.com

Spruce Cottage Farm

Haines Junction ▪ Farm

Website: https://www.sprucecottagefarm.ca/

Phone: 867-335-9769

Email: sprucecottagefarm@gmail.com

Stacey’s Butcher Block

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 29 Wann Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-393-2565

SUN NORTH Ventures

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Kerrs Way Drive, Rock Creek, Dawson City

Phone: 867-993-3062

Email: beckysadlier@gmail.com

Sunny Spot Farm

Marsh Lake

Address: 696 Lewes Sawmill Road, Yukon, Y0B 1Y0

Phone: 867-335-3019

Email: autumnd22@hotmail.com

Sunnyside Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.sunnysideyukon.ca

Phone: 867-633-3325

Email: info@sunnysideyukon.ca

Sunroot Farm


Website: http://yukonsunrootfarm.com/

Email: yukonsunrootfarm@gmail.com

Tagish Community Market Society

Tagish ▪ Business/Service

Email: tagishmarket@gmail.com

Takheena Crossing Farm


Address: 906 Takhini River Road

Phone: 335-1509 Russ, or 334-6677 Jodi

Takhini River Ranch

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: https://www.localfarm.online

Address: 120 Gully Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-333-6376

Email: localmeat@outlook.com

TH Farm

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Website: https://trondekfarm.ca/

Address: KM 699, N. Klondike Hwy Dawson City, YT

Phone: (867) 993-3916

Email: admin@trondekfarm.ca

The Farm

Watson Lake ▪ Farm

Address: Alaska Highway
Watson Lake, YT

Phone: Terry: 867-335-7884 Ruth: 867-536-4542

Email: ceaserlakeyt@gmail.com

The Farm Gate

Marsh Lake, Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: 58 M’Clintock Valley Road
Marsh Lake, YT

Phone: 867-336-2697

Email: cain@thefarmgate.ca

The Feed Store/Pet Junction

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.thefeedstorewhitehorse.ca

Address: 9006 Quartz Road Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2Z5

Phone: 867-633-4076

Email: info@thefeedstorewhitehorse.ca

The Wild Hatch

Website: http://thewildhatch.com/

Address: 816 Takhini River Road

Phone: 613-794-8957

Email: hello@thewildhatch.com

Three Slaves Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Mile 5.6 N. Klondike Hwy YT

Phone: 867-633-6934

Email: stockley@northwestel.net

Tum Tum’s Black Gilt Meats

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.tumtumsmeats.yukonfood.com

Address: Lot 1335 Takhini River Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-393-4628

Email: tumtum@yukonfood.com

Tumbleweed Acres

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Phone: 867 332-7797

Email: tumbleweedboy@gmail.com

Tundrarose Garden

Dawson City ▪ Farm

Address: Rock Creek Subdivision
Rock Creek, YT

Phone: 867-993-6220

Email: maryannedawson797@gmail.com

Unsere Kleine Kaiser Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Mile 4.7 Hot Springs Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-456-2062

Email: kaiser@northwestel.net

Wheaton River Gardens

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Website: http://www.wheatonriver.yukonfood.com

Address: Km 22 Annie Lake Road
Mt Lorne, YT, Y1A 7A1

Phone: 867-668-5964

Whitehorse Woof Natural Dog Treats


Phone: 867 3352949

Email: kimberlyguenard2@gmail.com

Wild Things Harvest

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://www.yukonwildthings.com

Address: Km 261.4 Klondike Hwy
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-456-2477

Email: yukonwildthings@yahoo.com

Wilderland Botanicals


Website: https://wilderlandbotanicals.com

Address: Lot 1006-2, Plan 54885, Km 147 Klondike Highway Cowley Lake, Mount Lorne, Yukon, Canada

Phone: 867-993-3698

Email: info@wilderlandbotanicals.com

Windy Ridge Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: Takhini Hotsprings Rd
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-633-3608

Email: dllast2000@yahoo.ca

Yukon Berry Farms

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Email: info@yukonberry.com

Yukon Born and Raised Meats

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Website: http://ybarmeats.ca/

Email: sales@ybarmeats.ca

Yukon Gardens

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: 913.76 Alaska Highway
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-668-7972

Email: ytgardens@klondiker.com

Yukon Grain Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Policemen’s Point Road
Whitehorse, YT

Phone: 867-633-4092

Email: sbgrieve@northwestel.net

Yukon Meat & Sausage

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Address: 203 Hanson Street
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 1Y3

Phone: 867-668-4848

Email: ykmeat@klondiker.com

Yukon Raw Honey

Whitehorse ▪ Business/Service

Email: yukonrawhoney@gmail.com

Yukon Research Centre

Whitehorse ▪ Government

Website: http://www.yukoncollege.yk.ca/research

Address: 500 College Drive
Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 5B6

Phone: 867-333-5708

Yukon Valley Farm

Whitehorse ▪ Farm

Address: Burma Rd

Phone: 867-334-5384 / 867-335-4431

Email: yukonvalleyfarm@gmail.com

YukonGrow Fertilizer and more


Website: https://www.yukongrow.com/

Address: 2180 Second Ave, Whitehorse YT

Phone: 867 689 8490

Email: info@yukongrow.ca


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